DIY Outside baby playard

Living in Georgia our weather has been crazy this year. It’s hot then it’s cold then it’s yes then it’s no…needless to say when we get a warm sunny day we are headed outside to take advantage of our pre-pollen season . Pollen will soon be upon us. Not familiar, well it’s pretty incredible how there can be so much yellow pollen that attracts itself to your car in the matter of an hour. 

Yesterday Daddy and I took our 8 month old outside with my almost 6 year old and my 3 year old. Everyone wanted to play something different on the front yard and daddy was riding his bike in the culdasac. After holding the baby for 15 minutes I realized that I needed some non holding baby time too.

I looked in the garage and saw our lovely blue plastic hard sized kids pool. It’s just big enough to move with one hand. I grabbed that baby put a sheet in the bottom for a little padding and some baby friendly inside toys and sat my little non mobile 8 month old right in the middle. She loved it! She had her toys, she could sit and she could see 365 degrees around her. This was a mommy win for sure. 

What you will need:

A baby that sits

A hard sided plastic pool NOT filled with water

Baby toys

A blanket or sheet for padding
Make sure to place the pool on a flat surface. You will thank me later.

Share your Baby tricks and tips below.