Easiest baby costume ever!

Whether it’s trick or treating, trunk or treating or just a neighborhood Halloween Party, easy is what I need. Yes, those wriggly, squiggly babies can be tough to chase down or hold down to dress up for this fabulous Halloween holiday so I definitely needed a costume that my three month old could be a part of but not annoyed by. 

We are that family for sure. The ones that will try to pick a theme and go for it on Halloween. So when my son saw the storm trooper of course we were on board. 

You might be that Pinterest mom that loves to sew but I’m more of a mom that can piece a costume together and after looking at what we had I and costume pieces online I realized three things:

1. Baby costumes never fit just right. Unless you are sewing one to the exact measurements of your baby out of comfy material or piecing it together out of their current wardrobe it will be too big or too small and definitely not look like it looks on the image. And finding something that can be converted to the star wars theme is way harder than it looks. 

2. Screaming babies are not fun while trick or treating with two other kids. So make the costume count if you are planning on walking around. 

3. Carrying a small baby is a great option since I need two hands for my other two kids. So a baby carrier is a must. 

I looked online to try to find that uncomfortable baby costume that would be visible and o think Google knew just what I needed when it populated dog costumes even though we don’t have any pets. 

Funny I thought so I went over to my local baby wearing Facebook page to see what folks were doing. 

Yes, I found my solution that Google had already showed me. The dog costume!!! Dog costumes in size XL fit perfectly over the back of the baby carrier. PetCo R2D2 costume link.  Mine in this case was an Ergo. The carrier straps went through the hood and arm holes and the baby never knows the difference. The baby can wear their regular comfy perfect fitting clothes while going along for the ride as a contributing costume member.