Hanna Andersson Outlet Spring Sale 2014

So, maybe the newsletter I received via email wasn’t as intriguing as last year’s $5 sale since this email said $8 shirts and shorts, but we all know I love their kids clothes and this still was a bargain. I ended up saving over 70% off of retail and the best news was they still had a $5 rack! Check out my video and be sure to comment or share if you like it.


The Children’s Place Outlet Spring Sale 2014

So we all know, I’m on a super budget. I stay home with my cutie patooties and love it but it also means my shoestring budget doesn’t allot for many of impulse buys. So this past week I ran into the Children’s Place Outlet at Sugarloaf Mills, in Duluth, GA. I had heard from a friend that they had some great sales going on at the retail location. I think they were right. When I walked in I found a rounder and a wall display in both the girl’s department and boy’s department of items marked down to 1.99. I know crazy right? They are all about liquidating this time of year and I hit the sale at the right time.

Some don’t have luck buying ahead for their children but I seem to judge pretty accurately. I was surprised to see both short sleeve and long sleeved shirts on the racks. So I went with around our current size for the spring/summer and for the fall/winter picks I went with a size up. Most kids don’t grow more than one shirt size over the summer at this age.

I added up the total retail cost off of the tags and the total retail purchase for my items was $205.65. Now while I was shoving items into the shopping bag they so graciously offered me I was doing the mental math to make sure I stayed within my $35 budget I had set for myself for the kids. My subtotal before tax was $30.26!! I have a picture of the receipt to prove it. Talk about some amazing deals. So how did I do it? I am on the email list but I really don’t check that email very often. While I was shopping I asked the salesperson on the floor if they had any current email promotions since I was a member and hadn’t checked lately. Yes they did! She proceeded to tell me they would honor the existing 20% coupon at the register. So when she checked me out and I saw the total reaching $36 I was a little concerned and then she added in the 20% off and it took an additional 40 cents off each of my items. I had to throw in a few baby sleepers for the baby showers I am headed to this summer. I am very happy with my purchase especially since all the consignment sales are the rage now. I have yet to see a children’s place shirt with the tags on it at a consignment sale for $1.60 🙂 I like to call this retail shopping at below consignment sale prices. So head by your local children’t place outlet and check it out.

These are for my cute son of course:)

Childrens Place Spring Sale

These are the cute clothes for my daughter.

$1.69 Children's Place Outlet Sale

I love my sons age. And these great shirts are in great colors for his messy habits.


Children's Place Receipt

That’s Right! Under $35 total !!!!!

Baby Sleepers

And these were too adorable and not bad. Regularly 16.95 and I got them for $1.69 each.


Pampered Chef Party Rewards!

So you have all been asking and here it is. The long version of everything I got for free from the Pampered Chef Party I hosted. I didn’t have the money to replace some things in my kitchen but I made the time to utilize my resources and get what I needed for the budget I had. I didn’t have the over $500 that my products added up to but I was able to scrape together the $97 to pick up the additional products I needed to my free product. Instead of sitting back and thinking, I don’t have the money what can I do…well throw a party and do your part to get the sales you need to earn yourself the free product. It is waiting to be had and I figured that I needed it and I could do this with the help and support of Dotti Shepherd, pampered chef executive director. Pampered Chef host rewards are amazing. Once you reach different sales goals your free pampered chef products grow exponentially. With the holidays coming now is the time to throw your party and get your cooking stuff that you need and helping others get the gifts they need. It really is a win win. I hope you enjoy. If you need someone who knows how to throw a great show in the Atlanta, Georgia area check out Dotti Shepherd at http://new.pamperedchef.com/pws/dottishep.

Hanna Andersson Outlet $5 Sale

April 30, 2013: This weekend the Hanna Andersson Outlet in Dawsonville, GA at the North Georgia Premium Outlets (www.hannaandersson.com) had a crazy great sale. My good friend gave me a call yesterday at 1:00 pm and by 3:00 pm I was on the road for the hour drive to get some great bargains on spring and summer clothes for my eight month old and three year old. The whole store was on sale for either $5 an item or 30% off. We found some of the cutest stuff at a stellar price.  You can be the judge of how great it was. They had infant’s, toddler’s, children’s and some women’s clothes from the 2012 catalogue and stores. Let’s just say that I did pick up a sweatshirt for me that retailed for $79 for only $5 and some super cute flip flops. The key is to get on their emailing list so that you can hear about the sale as soon as they post it.  Hanna Andersson Sales are few and far between but if you can sign up while at the outlet store and stay on their email list then you can be sure to get their updates. As I was checking out I mentioned that I almost didn’t make it. She informed me that when they have this sale things go like crazy and you have to get there on the first day or it’s really picked over. My kids are now set for the summer months to go and for a deal better than most consignment stores. Watch everything I got in my 4 minute video: