The Toy Takeover

Life gets away from us more times than We can count. I remember being a newlywed and moving from a two bedroom apartment to a three bedroom house, thinking this place is huge. I also remember thinking my life was ahead of me, that my future awaited.

Fast forward more than a decade later and I have three kids ages 7 and under and we are now in our second house that we have been in for 5 years. I can say we have filled it with stuff over the years after moving from a small and this year is the year of decluttering?! Well let’s say an attempt…with three different ages and three different groups of age appropriate toys.

There are some amazing books and blogs and podcasts to read, watch, and listen to and devise a plan. The first step that seems to be consistent is to acknowledge that you need to do something! As for me this was clear, I was tired of cleaning up toys. The second step is to decide what genres of toys you are going to group and keep. I kept themes, anything that wasn’t a hot wheel, magnatile, building blocks or costumes went in the other piles. For my daughters we kept to American girl doll stuff, Barbie stuff, kitchen stuff, the little princess castles and of course the baby doll and stroller. The most important step is to enlist a friend to help you. They aren’t attached to tour things like you are and a outside view is priceless when it comes to tossing and donating. I definitely needed a friend to come sit with me and go through the toys and group, sort, throw out, and donate.

The scheduled day of the cleanup was during school hours so we could get in and thin out the mess without little people wanting to hang onto “their things”. She showed up with garbage bags and we went to town. We took two hours and the playroom was finished! Now everything has somewhat of a place and it’s easy cleanup for the kids and me.

The hardest part of the toy cleanup was thinking about it doing it. Three kids and a crazy schedule not to mention all the regular mom chores we have to take time away and do a “special project” was not my idea of easy. But with the help of my friend it wasn’t a chore it was fun and we got to hang out. Everyone’s version of organized is obviously different but I’m so happy it’s not Wall to Wall toys and at least we have room to ply with what we have.