I loved growing up in Elk Grove, California. It was very close to the thriving metropolis of Sacramento. So whether I was babysitting, cleaning houses, working at the health food store, or selling cinnamon rolls I had some kind of income and was happy to have malls and good shopping close.  I was taught that I had to use “my money” wisely because I needed to buy my clothes for school, dress for prom and pay for any basketball or Especially for Youth camp that I wanted to attend during the summer. So the skill of being frugal was instilled in me at an early stage. Amidst playing school basketball, volleyball, running track and keeping a gpa high enough to merit academic scholarships, it was imperative that I learned to be efficient with my time and money. Now many years later in Atlanta, Georgia,  I left corporate America and am a stay at home mom with my two precious little ones that mean the world to me. I use my money saving skills and time management skills to try to make everything go a little farther. I hope that we can share ways and ideas that make us better mothers, family accountants and help us still keep the style, sweetness and sexiness that our husbands fell in love with.


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