Pizza always Wins! 

My daughter is blessed to have a spring break birthday. The options for celebration are endless. The class party is always the most exciting showcase of birthday hoopla and as a kindergartner this right of passage to the age of 6 is kind of a big deal. 
Upon planning the birthday hoopla of course the Mylar balloons were a must. But something changed when I asked her if she wanted cupcakes or pizza for the class. Now usually I would ask cupcakes or cake but I thought we would live in the edge and throw out a good option. My soon to be 6 year old jumped right in it and was on board with pizza. 
So is pizza healthier than cupcakes? Well it didn’t matter but I did know that celebrating the birthday at the end of the day and sending kids home hyped up on sugar was the gift that no parent would look forward to. Instead kids come home starving from school. I’m not sure why but they can’t eat enough. 

My daughter has a class of 19 and little Caesars pizza has $5 hot and ready pizzas that has 8 slices. When I called ahead the sweet girl offered to double cut the pizza giving me 16 slices. The teacher thought pizza was a great idea and suggested two slices per child so 3 pizzas for $15 is where we ended up. 

I did bring child size waters for the kids and noticed after their first piece they were all about the water heading into piece two. They had a fabulous time and the kid with a nut allergy didn’t have to worry about anything. 

So the next time you are trying to do a class party for under $25 consider pizza. It can be less expensive than the custom cupcakes and more filling. Those kids did not go home hungry, the best party favor anyone could leave with. I was only slightly surprised and the excitement around this option from the kids and to see that pizza always wins 


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