Lucy’s Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies Review and Giveaway

Gluten free snacks and gluten free cookies can be found while traveling. I was shocked to see a Lucy’s Gluten Free Chocolate Chip box of cookies sold at the magazine stand in the New York Airport. Their $4.99 price tag for this little box seemed small compared to how delicious a cookie sounded before I boarded the plane.

Lucy's Gluten Free chocolate chip cookies

Lucy’s Cookies are peanut, tree nut, milk, eggs and gluten free. Their box informs us that each cookie is less than 45 calories each and they claim that they use “simple, old-fashioned, nutrient-rich ingredients.”

Okay, so what did I think of this pack of about 15 cookies that were about 2 inches in diameter? They looked delicious. The coloring was exactly that of a regular chocolate chip cookie. There appeared to be a sufficient amount of chocolate chips and they smelled more or less like a cookie. When I bit into them they were a lot crunchier than I suspected when I picked up the box. This crunchy chocolate chip cookie was only a little dry and I felt like broke apart instantly in my mouth. Overall look and texture was definitely acceptable.

As far as flavor, Lucy’s did a great job of selecting their chocolate for the cookies. The cookie itself was sweet but not too sweet. On a plane, enjoying some cookies, there were just a couple things missing. A cold glass of milk, and that warm sugar buttery vanilla taste from the homemade regular version was missing. Overall these cookies were one I would probably grab again while I was traveling. Are they my absolute favorite that I would come home and order online to have delivered to my house to consume for a special occasion, probably not.  I just felt like they should have enticed my taste buds to want to eat the whole box.

I would love to share a box!

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Enter to win a free box of your very own Lucy’s Chocolate Chip Cookies by commenting on this blog post by Wednesday, August 26th 10:00 pm EST, by answering the following question:

Who would you share your cookies with?

I am not being compensated for my views and opinions on this product and all comments are mine and do not represent the opinions of anyone else. Giveaway is open to all residents of the contingent 48 states. Winner will have 24 hours to contact us to set up delivery (If more than 10 miles away) or pick up of prize or prize or prize will be forfeited.


10 thoughts on “Lucy’s Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies Review and Giveaway

  1. I’d share my cookies with my son, Anthony, who must eat gluten-free. I’ve been buying these cookies for him for years, and we all love them!

  2. I would share them with my three grandsons. The one lives here but I would have an overnight and share with all three. They love cookies.

  3. I HAVE shared my Lucy’s chocolate chip cookies with my also gluten-free youngest Daughter. Although to say “share” is definitely stretching the definition of the word. She accosted me with her tiny 1-year-old fists and pried the cookie from my hand; decided she liked it and took the one I was taking out of the packet from my fingers with.her.mouth! Her mouth!! Stinky kid. She usually has 2 cookies. I usually eat 3 . . .or 4. They’re yummy.

  4. I would give my cookies to my mom. She found out she has Celiac’s a few years ago. She has given up so much of the things she loved to take care of herself. I would love to give her something I know she is missing, a good chocolate chip cookie. 🙂

  5. I would try very hard not to share them with anyone. I am sure my children will try to steal them and eat them when I am not looking, but I am the only one in my house who needs to eat gluten free. The rest of them can go eat an Oreo and shove it. 😜

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