Gluten Free Cheerios are here!

Have you heard about the new Gluten Free Cheerios? Living Gluten Free can be a challenge. But breakfast just got easier. As a kid I loved Cheerios whether with bananas or strawberries or even just plain.
I was so happy when I went to Costco and the Honey Nut Cheerios I usually buy my kids now had a gluten free emblem on it!!! I thought maybe I was mistaken so when I got home I put the boxes side by side and sure enough they are now gluten free. I can enjoy Honey Nut Cheerios Gluten Free now with my kids instead of buying two different cereals. Here is the side by side view of the old and the new.


What’s the difference between Gluten Free Cheerios and Cheerios? The difference between the marked and unmarked boxes is that the boxes with the Gluten-free seal means that the product was produced in a facility that is completely free of any ingredient that could contain gluten. Many times facilities produce more than one item and there is cross contamination. The item after produced is then tested for gluten. To be certified it must be free from any gluten.

Where to buy Gluten Free Cheerios:
-Whole Foods


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