My Favorite things when I was a working new mom

A friend of mine is due in August with her first and being super excited she is also a little anxious about what will happen when she goes back to work and asked if I had some favorite items that I found awesome while I was working. Of course I do and hence this blogpost. If you aren’t into reading about new mom “stuff” and the things that go along with that, namely carseats, breastfeeding, etc, read no further, I won’t take offense.

Now to give you an idea of my life when my husband and I found out I was going to have our first little baby I was working about 60 hours a week as a director of corporate relations for a local college and was in school full time earning my Master’s Degree. Besides that I had made the “decision” to have a breast milk baby. I know, I know, everyone I worked with thought I was crazy too and all said that they never attempted it. I almost agreed when I found out on day one of daycare I needed to provide 7 (4-6 oz) bottles of breastmilk. Ok, so here we go. I do want to note that my daughter was my first child and I really wanted to have to purchase some items only once so I did lean toward gray since I could always couple it with pink or blue.

Chicco Keyfit30 Carseat


A great carseat that you love is really important. At the daycare I would drop my daughter off in her seat and we would put her in it when I picked her up. My husband had an extra base in his car so if he needed to pick up our daughter he just would grab and go.  I loved the Chicco Keyfit30 because it was one of the lightest on the market and having just had a car accident not too many years before I was all about the lightest possibility. Remember, when you pick up a carseat, which I did pick up every single one at Babies ‘R’ Us, your child will be in that seat until they are 1 years old and up to possibly 30 lbs, that car seat gets heavier and heavier not lighter and lighter. I loved the carseat and the best time to pick one up is on clearance when they switch their fabric prints, or with a coupon or competitor coupon. Do not buy any carseat used!!! A carseat base is fine but not a carseat. You don’t know the history of the seat and it could be compromised.  Definitely worth the investment and this was the most expensive baby item I owned. Yes, even more than my Medela Freestyle Breast Pump, and my crib. Luckily it didn’t expire before I had my second and he was able to use it because it was gender neutral.

Medela Freestyle Breast Pump


So the hype about this product is true! It’s awesome. I was on the road for about 65-70% of the time. Committing to pumping and working is a huge commitment when doing on-site events as a vendor at different companies locations. This pump is small and has a lot of power to do single or double pumping. Now, I was really budget conscious when I went shopping and yes I bought a used Medela freestyle pump off of ebay for about $100 instead of the $300+ they ask new at the baby stores. TAKE your pump with you to the hospital when you deliver. The lactation nurse will show you how to use it and give you a pumping 101. Now I have friends who thought, gross a used pump. Sure I looked at it as I just needed the actual battery powered motor everything else I could replace for under $25. I called Medela and they sent me new hoses free of charge since they don’t sell them. I went to Target and picked up new cups since everyone is a different size and mine didn’t come with any to sanitize anyway. So I ended up with a pump that was awesome for 1/3 of the price. I used this every day and it’s still going strong. There is a car charger for it that they sell separately and the battery, if you find one that says the battery is bad, is sold at Radioshak.

Milkies Milk Saver


Milk is precious when you need as much as you do for daycare, so the milkies milk saver works awesome for about the first 6 months and then is pretty much not as advantageous after. You can get an extra 4 oz if you use this while nursing or if you are pumping just one side because you are going to feed the baby when you pick them up.

Nest Elliot Diaper Bag


I needed a diaper bag that looked like a bag that I could take out on a date or carry to work. Now, I had a skiphop special I picked up on clearance at Target to drop off at the daycare since it gets destroyed with the back and forth and the masking tape they put on all of the diaper bags with the name of the child. But my nest Elliot bag kept me feeling like I was still a sexy fashion forward mom that could go to work or church and have what I needed and she needed.  The nest Elliot Dipaer can run pretty pricey but you know I’m all about a good bargain so buying this bag new wasn’t a top priority for me. I love a good leather bag as I am a coach girl but I found a black bag on ebay for less than $80. For that one go to bag you are going to use for the first year and a half of your child’s life I felt like I got my moneys worth.

Itzbeen Timer


The idea of a timer that you could use and “leave” with a babysitter or a husband was awesome. There are plenty of apps out there but you can’t “leave” your phone when you are leaving your baby at home. I went to evening school so this was super helpful for Daddy and Grandpa to figure out the last time the baby ate, had a diaper change, or slept. It helped them figure out the type of cry.



I used a lot of Lansoah disposable nursing pads day to day and they worked well but I bought these anyway after a friend of mine shared  her recommendation. I loved these for when I would go swimming or for mothers day I went to get a massage, or intimate times when you might be afraid of leaking. These are self adhesive. I do recommend buying their cleaner with them.

Seven Slings


This sling I picked up paying for shipping only. They run a lot of deals and coupon codes that make this “free” and they have a lot of prints so you can pick up two if you are about matching or changing it up. They also fold down pretty small which made it fit in my purse really well. I kept my baby in the sling at church to cut down on the “can I hold your baby and breathe all over it and I know its cold season but I really want to hold her and spread my germs”. It worked great.  Use promo code “MOTHER14SS” at to get aFREE Baby Carrier – a $40 value!

At Checkout they will give you codes to go to their sister sites for other free products and I’ve done that with the Carseat Canopy which is the next item.

Carseat Canopy


A must have for a napping baby or to keep the sun out of their eyes. This carseat tentlike blanket gives a soft side that often times I used as a blanket for the baby to lay on with the regular fabric side on the ground. Sometimes I even had to use this to clean up messes or use as a birp cloth when nothing else could be found. It is very machine washable. There usually are coupon codes to get this for free as well. From their last promotion I received a few months ago they said  Check out our 12 brand new prints! Use promo code “MARCHMADNESS14” for a FREE Carseat Canopy ($50 value) at today!

Ipod nano

I said it. Getting your baby used to sleeping with noise and music will save you on sleep. Otherwise your child could end up being a light sleeper. Remember it is very loud in the womb and they are used to a lot of noise, to help them sleep this works fabulously. I didn’t buy one of these, I just added some music to mine and loaned it to the baby.



The nursing cover is great for if you are pumping in the car, yes, I know all about that as well, or if you are nursing in a mothers lounge or even at home when you have company. It also makes it a little dark for the baby and reduces distractions during nursing. I was always afraid someone would walk in on me pumping in the room they assigned to me at work so I used this all the time. Their most recent email newsletter offers a free one. Go to and use promo code “MARCHMADNESS14” to get your FREE Nursing Cover in any print ($35 Value) today!

Nalgene Bottle

This was for me to make sure I was drinking enough water. You can’t pump, you can nurse as effectively if you aren’t drinking enough fluids. No need to be dehydrated and this kept me aware of what I was putting in as I was taking out.

So to my friend, I hope this helps give you some tried and favorites of mine.


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