Jamberry Nail Wrap Review Two-Week update and Jamberry Nail Wrap Removal

So two weeks has passed and it is time for me to switch it up some. My wraps just barely started lifting today on the two week mark. How could I tell? Well when I did my hair this morning my hair got caught in a couple of my wraps so yep, time to switch it up. I did just about everything with these on, you name it, including scrubbing my car after my son was, lets just say very sick in it, to scraping off stickers and opening cans. Through the two weeks I only had a slight lift on one of my nails but I just reheated and applied direct pressure. So I love them. I got way more wear out of them than expected and honestly it made me love them even more knowing that I could get another application, maybe two out of whats left on the sheet.

I was a little worried about removal but as you can see in the video it was super easy and they did pretty much soak off very quickly. I did go over my nail with some more remover after to get a little bit of the glue off of a couple of fingers but overall, super easy removal. I remember one of the few times as a teenager getting acrylic or gel nails for prom and then having to “remove” them to go back to play basketball the next week. This was a breeze and way less painful than acrylic or gel nail removal. The Jamberry Nail Wrap Acetone Remover Method worked awesome.  Enjoy the sweet savvy savings of doing your own nails.


update: Since doing the review I totally ended up getting tons of comments on my nails. You can check out my website http://www.jberryatlanta.jamberrynails.net if you want to browse. 🙂



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