Jamberry Nails Review…warning: One of my new fav’s!

Jamberry Nails you ask? Haven’t heard of it. Well I hadn’t until a few weeks ago I was invited to a party that I wasn’t able to make it to. I took a look online and still didn’t get it. So another friend of mine, Heather, ( http://thenewgirl.jamberrynails.net/party/?uid=a0bfd232-c8f1-472d-a7f0-4fef380a2599 )who now is conveniently a consultant, threw a party and I happened to also miss that one too. Boo. Well I did make it by after the party but before the consultant left and she gave me a party kit with some samples and some quick directions for application and of course the pricing and order deadline.

So I have to admit, I was a super critic. I’m thinking, I’m really hard on my nails and fingernail polish on my short nails only lasts for about a day before it’s chipped. I do tons of dishes, play inside and outside with my kids, I do bath time, and day to day cleaning. I also am not into sitting in the nail salon to have my nails filed down to nothing so a gel/acrylic tip can be applied and an hour later leave. I do like the hand massage part but the other part not so much.  It’s been almost a week since I applied the wraps and I’m still loving them. I’m also on a major budget so the price point had to make sense for me. I was happy to learn that their sheets will do two sets of hands (possibly three with short nails like mine) and or one set of hands and one set of feet. They also have a special that if you buy three you get the fourth free which brings down the price per sheet a few dollars.

I took all of the random samples I think she threw in because I was so late and decided here we go. I’m going to throw these things on and see just how they wear. I have only had one slight nick on one but I just trimmed my nail down with the clipper and filed a little and we were good to go. Below is a picture of what they look like. So this is how I applied them. I took out the strip and cut the length as close to my nail size as possible so as not to use up the whole strip (I used the other half for my other hand). I then proceeded to wash my hands with the dawn detergent the rep suggested. I pushed back my cuticles also stated in the directions with the cuticle stick. Then off to application. I used the alcohol wipe on my nail to remove any oil that the detergent didn’t.  I heated up the wrap I was going to place by using the blow dryer on it for 5 seconds. Then I put it on my nail and smoothed it down. That’s it! So how long in total did it take for the first time ever, a little less than 25 minute for my two hands.

My Jamberry Nail Review, Jamberry Nail Review, Jamberry Lilburn Georgia

Sample pack 🙂

I have to admit with Spring and Summer coming I’m very excited for cute Summer toesies and cute Summer hands for that Summer vacation I have planned. So they have little girl sizes too. They are a little small so don’t think that you might be able to buy them and use them on your nails. (I will say though on my thumb the sample didn’t come with one big enough so i cut two and lined them up perfectly and they have worn as well as the others) This morning my daughter brought me the nail polish and after telling her don’t move, it’s going to smudge, let it dry, it made me realize how much easier it would be to put a wrap on and then go. No drying time.

If you are looking to try them out head over to my friend Heather’s site and check them out. She set up a link for me that you can go in and shop. She’s a new consultant so I am all about sending her whoever is interested. I will do another post at week two or three with a picture as well. I’m just so excited I couldn’t wait. Right now I give them a 9 out of 10 for wear and the a 8 out of 10 for my first application process (mostly because after I tried the scissor method to cut it down after heating it on I realized just clipping my nail with clippers and then filing downward would be way easier).



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