NeriumAD Review

As you have probably started hearing, NeriumAD has hit the ground running. And as a frugal fashionable mom I find that if I’m going to pay over $60 for a night cream that is going to last me 6 weeks it better be amazing. So here is my no holds bar review of the night cream.

First of all, my friend, Sarah Jane Hooks( ) is an amazing consultant for NeriumAD and was so kind to give me a free one week trial of the product for my review, which I returned the rest after my little experiment. She encouraged I take before pictures without any makeup and take a picture after the week, which I did and you can see below.  (Now I must add before this I was not using a night cream. I use Raw Essentials in the morning and CeraVe face wash.)

NeriumAD Before and After Picture

NeriumAD Before and After Picture

The packaging that the NeriumAD night cream came in was very clean looking with a very medical looking font. In the evening before bed I followed the instructions of dampening my face and then doing two pumps of the cream into my dampened hands. At first the cream seams thick and the water helps to apply it more easily and evenly.  As I rubbed it in I found it became sticky rather quickly and dried very fast almost like a glue on my face. That didn’t really bother me and each day as I applied I felt like I could judge the amount of water on my face I needed to get a good application.

My skin is sensitive to fragrance.  Sarah assured me that there are no additional fragrances in this product and the smell is from the actual formula itself.  I didn’t have any irritation from the natural fragrance but the first day I was alarmed at the smell. I smelled like the older lady portrayed on a sitcom who had dowsed herself with Oil of Olay before she went to bed. The smell was so strong my husband said he couldn’t kiss me goodnight because he might get some on his lips and have to smell it the rest of the night.  Although I was not a fan of the smell, nor was my husband, I thought I might get over it on day 2 or day 3 or even day 6 or day 7. That was not the case.

The cream itself is rich, but after application it doesn’t feel heavy, it just made my skin feel tight. When I woke up in the morning my face felt nourished and moisturized. I was very happy with my feel of my moisturized face so much I talked about it with all of the ladies at my daughters dance class.  The “after” picture is only taken after 7 days of nightly use of the cream. I am only 32 and my signs of aging are limited but do exist. Did my fine lines fade? Not so much. Did my light sun spots disappear? Not so much. The aging reversal for my age group doesn’t appear to be significant according to my trial. So did it moisturize and make my skin feel supple? Yes it did.

NeriumAD is a pricey little jar but they do have a referral program that if you sign up 3 people on a auto-ship program to get their products automatically every 6 weeks you get yours for free! This is fantastic if you like the cream and you want to save money on your 6 week supply. In my case I wasn’t a huge fan so this wasn’t a big enough incentive for me to get my friends and family to sign up. The company does compensate their consultants very well and everyone is looking for a fountain of youth so the market is there for their product. The consultants are signing people up left and right to sell, to buy and to host shows. Unlike everyone who jumps on the bandwagon, before I tell everyone I really love a product, I have to really love the product. If I graded my experience with Sarah Hooks, the consultant, I would say A+. She really answered all of my questions almost immediately. My experience with the product was more of a B-. Mostly because it did moisturize really well but the smell and age reversal aspect were lacking.

Sarah was nice enough to email me some pictures of her husband’s grandmother that I have featured below. She has been using the product for 6 months+  now. Long term use in her case shows significant signs of aging reversal. I invite you to try a trial through a representative like Sarah Jane Hooks ( ) and try it for yourself. I personally can get the moisturizing factor I need from a less expensive moisturizing cream and choose to do that but this still may be a good option if you feel you aren’t getting what you need from your current skincare products.

Sarah Jane Hooks grandmother-in-law before and after picture

NeriumAD Before and After (Sarah Hooks grandmother-in-law)

NeriumAD Before and After Picture 4

For more information on the product contact Sarah Jane Hooks . I was not compensated to do this review. I merely saw my friend’s Facebook post and asked a couple questions since I’m in the market for a new cream and she offered a trial. Only when she delivered the product did I also mention I would be reviewing it for my blog, which she of course agreed to 🙂


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