Wrapp the app

So there is a ton of hype about the app WRAPP. I’m sure you have either been “gifted” a gift from Wrapp from a friend on facebook and wondered, what in the world. So what is it? WRAPP is a free app that you can download from the app store to your smartphone or iphone. It requires Facebook permissions for you to sign in and access your friends. So are they collecting information on you and your friends and your shopping habits, probably, but really at the end of the day does it really matter? It only means that retailers will be better equipped to meet your needs. So after downloading the Wrapp app from the store and have synced your facebook account with the app now you are on your way to giving gifts to your friends and family while you are on a budget. Sure there are paid options to “add money” to the gift amount but I never do that since I’m on a tight budget. I select my friend I want to ‘celebrate’ and send them a gift. I look for current offerings that are “free” for me and have card amounts from $5 to $15. H & M is notorious for having $6 to $10 gifts. So you select who you want to celebrate, what you want to send them (if you have to put in a credit card number it is not a free gift), and then it asks you to add a message. Once you select for them to deliver it, well, it is on its way. I have a network of friends that “gift” regularly and as a result I went to the mall and ended up getting a pair of $30 earrings from White House Black Market at


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