Pampered Chef Party Rewards!

So you have all been asking and here it is. The long version of everything I got for free from the Pampered Chef Party I hosted. I didn’t have the money to replace some things in my kitchen but I made the time to utilize my resources and get what I needed for the budget I had. I didn’t have the over $500 that my products added up to but I was able to scrape together the $97 to pick up the additional products I needed to my free product. Instead of sitting back and thinking, I don’t have the money what can I do…well throw a party and do your part to get the sales you need to earn yourself the free product. It is waiting to be had and I figured that I needed it and I could do this with the help and support of Dotti Shepherd, pampered chef executive director. Pampered Chef host rewards are amazing. Once you reach different sales goals your free pampered chef products grow exponentially. With the holidays coming now is the time to throw your party and get your cooking stuff that you need and helping others get the gifts they need. It really is a win win. I hope you enjoy. If you need someone who knows how to throw a great show in the Atlanta, Georgia area check out Dotti Shepherd at


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