Hanna Andersson Outlet $5 Sale

April 30, 2013: This weekend the Hanna Andersson Outlet in Dawsonville, GA at the North Georgia Premium Outlets (www.hannaandersson.com) had a crazy great sale. My good friend gave me a call yesterday at 1:00 pm and by 3:00 pm I was on the road for the hour drive to get some great bargains on spring and summer clothes for my eight month old and three year old. The whole store was on sale for either $5 an item or 30% off. We found some of the cutest stuff at a stellar price.  You can be the judge of how great it was. They had infant’s, toddler’s, children’s and some women’s clothes from the 2012 catalogue and stores. Let’s just say that I did pick up a sweatshirt for me that retailed for $79 for only $5 and some super cute flip flops. The key is to get on their emailing list so that you can hear about the sale as soon as they post it.  Hanna Andersson Sales are few and far between but if you can sign up while at the outlet store and stay on their email list then you can be sure to get their updates. As I was checking out I mentioned that I almost didn’t make it. She informed me that when they have this sale things go like crazy and you have to get there on the first day or it’s really picked over. My kids are now set for the summer months to go and for a deal better than most consignment stores. Watch everything I got in my 4 minute video: 


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